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US M-Serie Control Unit M-900 Series Control Unit CTIS controller

M900-01 -00001


US Military 

M-Serie Control Unit CTIS controller

Individual for all US military vehicles Series M-900, M-939, Wrecker, M923a2 M925A2 M936a2 M927a2 M928A2 M934a2 M931a2 M932a2 m929a2 And other A2 5 m939 models.

24Volt 10AMP. Tire Pressur Controll and Regulator

used in very good Condition, function tested and works fine

Made in USA

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MaterialMetal with Electronic Components

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CENTRAL TIRE INFLATION SYSTEM (CTIS) OPERATION The CTIS allows the operator to manually select a tire pressure suitable to the terrain being traversed. The system incorporates an Electronic Control Unit (ECU) and air regulating system which provides and maintains the correct air pressure to all tires at the same time. The ECU controls the manifold, which automatically directs compressed air to inflate the tires, or signals the deflation port to deflate the tires according to the operator-selected terrain setting. The ECU monitors and regulates air system pressure in 90-minute intervals and compensates for thermal tire pressure changes as recommended by the tire manufacturer. The CTIS is activated and deactivated with an ON/OFF button on the KU. In the event the unit is not deactivated prior to engine shutdown, it will automatically activate when the engine is started again. Terrain switches on the ECU are pressed by the operator for the terrain conditions, which are identified as emergency, sand/mud/snow, cross-country, and high-way. Once the terrain switch has been pressed for desired pressure setting, the air system inflates and maintains all tires to the appropriate tire pressure corresponding to a recommended vehicle speed. Provided operator does not experience over-speed conditions, no additional operator inputs are required once presets have been selected. The air regulating system consists of a controller overspeed signal generator, power manifold, and wheel valves. If the operator exceeds the recommended vehicle speed in either emergency, sand/mud/snow, or cross-country modes. an overspeed warning will activate, (flashing max speed display) alerting the operator of the over-speed condition and to signal operator to either decrease vehicle speed or select a higher tire pressure on the ECU. In the event the operator fails to slow down or select a higher tire pressure in approximately one minute, the system will automatically increase air pressure to the tires to the next higher tire pressure setting. In the event of one or more small air leaks anywhere in the system, such as from a tire puncture or leak at a connecting line, pressure can be maintained by pressing a terrain switch on the control panel. When doing so the initial test pressure sequence begins. If the air feeder lines cannot hold at least 6 psi (41 kPa) the controller display will read FLAT in the upper right corner, indicating to the vehicle operator that a large air leak, such as a damaged/disconnects air line or a flat tire, exists. When FLAT is indicated, the vehicle operator may elect to call for assistance, or try to drive to a repair center using the vehicle's run flat. mode. Should a particular tire or connecting line experience catastrophic failure or a leak which exceeds the capacity of the compressor, the CTIS may be turned off, allowing the wheel valves to keep each tire individually isolated. Additionally, the damaged portion will remain isolated, as a safety measure, until it is repaired. A priority pressure switch in the manifold monitors the pressure in the air reservoirs and isolates the CTIS if this pressure drops below 75 psi (517 kPa). Minimum requirement for the operation of of’ priority systems (brakes, power steering assist, horn) is less than 75 psi (517 kPa), so safe operation is assured. If the CTIS suffers complete failure, the operator accesses a manual wheel valve at each wheel and inflates each tire from an external air source. If tire pressure falls below 10 psi, CTIS will not inflate tire.

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