Loudspeaker LS-166/U for US Military Radios



US Army

Loudspeaker LS-166/U

for US Military RT Radios (Receiver-Transmitter)

US Military used in Vietnam and Cold War

AN/PRC, Harris, SINGAR, PRC-77, PRC-25, PRC-117, PRC-119

Order No. 3169-Phil-52

Condition: New Painted, Function tested used very good Condition

Made in USA

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The LS-166/U is used with the older style military radio sets which have a U-79/U audio connector. This is a standard magnetic speaker at 8 ohms at 3 watts. The speaker inclosure includes a 8:600 Ohm transformer to match the radio to the speaker. It has a switch located on the side to switch it between vehicle use and manpack. The connecting cord is terminated with the older style U-77/U connector. You often find these speakers with the newer U-229 connector. It was quite common to cut off the old connector and replace it with a new one. Fundamentally though this speaker was not used with the new gear using the U-229 from the factory.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION Cone Diameter - 4 inches (101.60 mm) Mounting Dimensions - Adjustable mounting bracket with two 9/32 inch diameter holes spaced 1-1/2 inch C to C Plug - U-77/U Over-all Dimensions Length - 7-1/32 inches (178. 59 mm) Width - 5-21/32 inches (143.67 mm) Depth - 3-5/16 inches (84. 14 mm) ADDITIONAL PHYSICAL DATA Case Material - Metal TECHNICAL DESCRIPTION INPUT Voice coil impedance - 8 ohms Power handling rating - 2 watts (warble tones) Frequency range - 300 to 7,000 cps Transformer Data - 600 ohms primary impedance Environmental Data Operating Conditions: Temperature - From -65 deg F to + 160 deg F Elevation - 5,000 feet above sea level Relative Humidity - 95 percent Non-operating Conditions: Temperature - From -80 deg F to + 160 deg F for 72 hours Elevation - 50, 000 feet above sea level Relative Humidity - 100 percent

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