WWII Era US Army M1928 Haversack Meat Can Pouch British Made


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US Military WWII Meat Can Pouch for M1928 Haversack

This pouch was attached to the upper flap of the M1928 Haversack Pack and was used to store the mess kit and utinsels. There are three pockets in the pouch that keep the knife, spoon and fork separate from the mess kit.

Color: early Khaki

1943 British Made

Condition: unissued without rips

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Army Haversack, M-1928

Soldiers equipped with M1928 Packs climb training tower, 1942

Soldiers equipped with M-1928 Packs climb training tower, 1942.

The M-1928 haversack straps had snap hooks for attaching to the pistol belt M-1936 or cartridge belt M-1923. Eyelets on the side of the pack are provided to attach the Springfield bayonet or Garand bayonet. A canvas tab with eyelets at the top of the pack is for attaching the cover for the M-1910 intrenching tool cover.

The Pouch, Meat Can, M-1910/1928 (canvas mess kit pouch) had four loops on the back that passed through buttonholes on the flap of the haversack, held in place with long straps underneath. It had three internal pockets for knife, fork, and spoon.

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