LC2 Entrenching E-Tool Carrier

Tool Carrier-01-00001

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US Military

Plastic folding shovel Cover for Alice carrying system

LC2 Entrenching E-Tool Carrier Case

NSN 8465-00-001-6474

Dated: 2003

Manufactured by Dallas Lighthouse for the Blind

Made in USA

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7,48 €

Data sheet

MaterialPlastic / vinyl

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The M-1956 Load-Carrying Equipment (LCE), also known as the Individual Load-Carrying Equipment (ILCE), replaced the M-1945 Combat Pack in the early 1960s.[1] The M-1956 LCE came at a period when the United States Army was in the process of adopting a new service rifle, and thus the system is very general-purpose in nature, designed to accommodate ammunition and cartridge magazines for a number of standard issue small arms. The M-1956 LCE remained in service from the late 1950s through the 1980s and set the standard for future United States military load-carrying equipment.

This is the newer version of the Alice transport case for the folding shovel that every soldier use in the field.

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