Wood Alcohol Fuel-Tablet, Ration Heating

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US Military

Fuel Can, Wood Alcohol 1 Can

offer is for 1 can

for Ration Heating

Dated: 1951

Manufactured by S.C. Johnson & Son, Inc.

Made in USA

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MaterialMetal Can filled with Wood Alcohol

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During World War II, a common source of heat for limited tasks was small olive drab cans of jellied wood alcohol (same as the product trade-named Sterno). The nomenclature was Fuel-Tablet, Ration Heating. The packaging was varied, both in diameter and height of the can depending on the intended use. One small can (1.5 oz.) would adequately heat a ration can or even boil water for coffee. For sale here is the larger (rare) can that would prepare the 5-in-1 Ration for a tank crew. The cans could be partially used, then put out by replacing the lid, saving the balance for later use. These fuel units were packed with rations and also issued separately. In emergencies, they were used for general heating of tents or foxhole enclosures created by blankets. The Fuel-Tablet, Ration Heating was made of wood alcohol, poisonous to consume. Each package was so labeled, but there were many incidents of wood alcohol consumption and consequent poisoning among the soldiers. When burned, a toxic buildup of fumes was possible if the heated space was not adequately ventilated.

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