USMC Shelter Halft Camouflage



US Marines

Shelter Half Tent Camouflage, Mitchell Pattern

Manufactured by Stein Pro. MFG. Co.

Dated: 1953

used condition with some repaired spots

(the spots were repaired with Woodland fabric, see pictures)

Made in USA

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Material100% Cotton

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Two sheets of canvas or a similar material (the halves) are fastened together with snaps, straps or buttons to form a larger surface.

The shelter-half is then erected using poles, ropes, pegs, and whatever tools are on hand, forming an inverted V structure. When time and space allow, some forms of half-shelters can be combined into a larger, more complex tent.

Shelter-halves are usually designed to serve double duty as ponchos against the rain, or for the concealment of snipers.


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