Ranger Body Armor ceramic plates

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US Army

75th Ranger Regiment

Ranger Body Armor Ceramic plates

2 piece

Ranger Body Armor (RBA) was designed by the United States Army Soldier Systems Center in Natick, Massachusetts to meet the operational needs of the 75th Ranger Regiment.

Made in USA

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MaterialBallistic plates

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Ranger Body Armor was produced in limited quantities to meet urgent operational needs of the 75th Ranger Regiment. The army provided at GSA (number GS-07F-6041A) for the price of $ 738 (plates included) for a size medium set. It is available in sizes medium, large and extra-large only. RBA consists of a two part system: a flexible vest and two ceramic plates (only one in the first model), both of which provide ballistic protection to the upper torso. Ranger Body Armor provides ballistic protection to level III (by standard NIJ). However, this jacket is very heavy (12kg - 25 pounds with plates)

This body armor has been used by the men of 3rd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment (Company C and Command and Control) during Operation Gothic Serpent (Somalia) held from August 26, 1993 to October 21 of the same year. It was then a sensational breakthrough in ballistic technology which has been available for Rangers. Indeed, other conventional forces were then equipped only Personnal Armor Vest Ground Troop (PASGT-V) offering a ballistic shield can level II ("Flak vest" or "fragmentative vest"). In the early 90s, he had also been used by other troops in the Balkans and Haiti. 350 sets of Ranger Body Armor was also sent to the Rangers deployed in the former Yugoslavia (1996). Finally, it has been used by men of the 173rd Infantry Brigade at the beginning of Operation Iraqi Freedom (2003 -?) when they jump on Iraqi Kurdistan. The name of the operation is "Operation Airborne Dragon" (April 7, 2003). Probably by soldiers who carried out the tests to become Rangers and changed unit.

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