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M-69 Fragmentation vest, Flak Jacket

Flak Weste-03-0001


US Military

Fragmentation vest Typ: M-69

Fragmentation, Protective, Upper Torso M-69

Size: Small

Dated: 1970 

Manufacture: Trenton Textile ENG. & MFG. Co. INC.

used Condition tailored with Velcro

Made in USA

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184,03 €

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MaterialCover: Nylon

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The M 69 Flak vest is the successor of the M1952 splinter protection vest. Both the '69 model and the 1952 model were used in the Vietnam War and have fought under the most difficult conditions. The M69 fragmentation vest was still used in the US military until the 1990s.

The Flak vest is often confused with a bulletproof vest which is not true. The Flak vest is exclusively for holding splinters and some low-speed projectiles such as shotgun ammunition.

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