M26 Setter Fuze for 105mm & 155mm Artillery Projectiles



US Military

M26 Setter Fuze for 105mm & 155mm Artillery Projectiles

NSN 1290-00-344-4652

with Carrying Case 8247245

Made in USA

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The perfect accessory for your show piece! These fuze setters have been in use since WWII, and are still commonly used by artillery cannoneers today. Commonly used with 105mm and 155mm artillery, the fuze setter allows timing of the shell for air burst, direct impact, or delayed detonation. The M26, fuze setters are hand operated, dialed insturments. The M26 has two scales, 0-25, and 0-75 seconds and has a handle assembly for setting a specific time value; a pointer, dial time scales, and body assembly contured to fit the shape of the nose of the fuze, and containing the setting pawl which engages the setting groove of the fuze. There is a base plate assembly which serves to stop the setter at the desired time automatically. The M26 used luminous numbers on its dial for night use and has a thumbscrew to hold the dial at the proper setting.

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