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US Army M-51 Test Set Blasting Machine 50 Cap, Claymore Mine

Blasting Machine-02-00002


US Army

issued Vietnam Era

M-51 Test Set Blasting Machine, Firing Device

gebrauchter guter Zustand

Made in USA

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69,90 € inkl. MwSt.

Technische Daten

MaterialPlastic with Electronic Compartments

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One M57 firing device is issued with each Ml8A1 mine. The device is a hand-held pulse generator. A squeeze of the handle produces a double 3-volt electrical pulse of sufficient energy to fire the electric blasting cap through the 100 feet of firing wire issued with the mine. On one end of the firing device is a rubber connecting plug with a dust cover. The safety bail on the firing device has two positions. In the upper SAFE position, it acts as a block between the firing handle and the generator. In the lower FIRE position, the generator can be activated.

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