Cover Water Canteen Nylon LC2, 1 Quart

Canteen Cover-03-0001


US Military 

Überzug für Feldflasche mit 2x Alice Clips LC2

Material: Nylon

NSN 8465-00-860-0256

Das US Militär gebrauchte den Cover im Kalten Krieg, REFORGER, Golf Krieg Desert Storm, Kosovo und Afghanistan 

Zustand: Gebraucht sehr guter Zustand

Made in USA

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5,80 €

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Das komplette LC-2 Equipment in der Übersicht

The M-1956 Load-Carrying Equipment (LCE), also known as the Individual Load-Carrying Equipment (ILCE), was the first redesign of the individual soldier's equipment since WW II. For many items, it was the only major change since 1910. LCE included the M1956 Canteen Cover, a design that was not fundamentally different from the earlier models since the aluminum canteens and stainless steel canteens of WW II remained in use. Changes from the M1910 dismounted canteen cover included: Replacement of the M1910 wire hook with two "ALICE keeper" sliding attachments, named for later use with ALICE load carrying system. A webbing patch held the keepers to the cover. Metal snaps with a smooth black finish replaced lift-the-dot fasteners as flap closures Like its predecessors, the M1956 LCE canteen case was constructed of heavy cotton canvas with cloth-taped edges and a synthetic wool felt lining for insulation. It was slightly oversized to accommodate both a canteen and the nested metal canteen cup. In 1961, the M1956 Canteen Cover felt lining was replaced with a synthetic fur. In 1967, the final version of the M1956 canteen cover had nylon-trimmed edges. When the metal canteens were replaced by the military one quart plastic canteen in 1962, the M-1956 cover continued in use until it was ultimately replaced by the nylon canteen cover. The full nomenclature of the M1956 Canteen Cover is Cover, Water, Canteen, M-1956 (or Cover, Water Canteen) identified with FSN 8465-577-4926. 

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