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US Military Adapter Kit Cap, Water Canteen Arctic Feldflaschen Deckel


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US Military

Adapter Kitt Verschlusskappe für US Aluminium Feldflasche (Cap, Arctic Water Canteen)

NSN 8465-01-278-3739


Made in USA

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8,32 €

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Military Canteen Used with Gas Mask Soldiers wearing Mission-Oriented Protective Posture (MOPP) gear must drink more water than usual to prevent heat stress. But for soldiers equipped with a protective mask (gasmask), the use of a water canteen becomes problematic. In order to drink, the mask must be removed, an action that risks exposure to toxic substances. The solution to this problem is a drinking tube that connects a straw inside the mask to the canteen through a special canteen cap.

The M-1961 standard one quart plastic canteen was fielded in 1961, and quickly became widespread in the U.S. military. In 1966 the M-17A1 protective mask was introduced, with an integrated drinking tube. As newer protective masks were fielded (eg, MCU-2A/P mask), the drinking tube concept was retained and has become standard. To be compatible with the mask drinking tubes, the cap of the M1961 canteen was modified by the addition of a small connecting hole in the center of the cap. The cap contains a pin that depresses a diaphragm on the end of the drinking tube, allowing the wearer to replenish fluids while wearing the mask. A small fliptop cover is attached to the cap that snaps into place to expose or hide the connecting point. The new cap is known as the NBC canteen cap. It is identified by NSN 8465-00-930-2077 and specification MIL-C-51278D, with nomenclature Cap, Water, Canteen. It is also called the M-1 canteen cap. The same cap fits one and two quart plastic canteens, and, with a retrofit kit, the Arctic Canteen

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