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Sale! Freefall Parachutist Badge Vergrößern

Freefall Parachutist Badge

Badge Halo-01-0001

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US Army

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in OD grün

old german made by (Kalka Augsburg)


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4,99 € inkl. MwSt.

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The Military Freefall Badge original design was submitted in March 1983 by Sergeant First Class Gregory A. Dailey of SFODA-552, Company B, 2nd Battalion, 5th Special Forces Group . Updates on the design, adding a master military freefall parachutist badge were submitted by General Wayne A. Downing of USSOCOM and James Phillips of the Special Forces Association . The badge was approved for wear by soldiers assigned to Army Special Operations Command on 1 October 1994. Unrestricted wear was approved on 7 July 1997 by General Dennis Reimer .

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