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US Air Force Senior Observer, Navigator Badge Vergrößern

US Air Force Senior Observer, Navigator Badge

US Air Force-Navigator-00002

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US Air Force 

Senior Observer, Navigator Badge (Silver Wings)

Made in the 1950's-1960's

Color embroidered Badge


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MaterialEmbroidered Badge

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US Air Force Observer

With the creation of the United States Air Force in 1947, aviation observers were phased out and replaced by more highly trained specialists known as Aircrew personnel. The Aircrew Badge was created prior to the Second World War; but had only been awarded to enlisted personnel. Since the creation of the USAF Officer Aircrew Badge (an unrated award), the Navigator-Observer Badge has been issued to otherwise unrated officers who complete NASA Mission Specialist training with the aeronautical rating of Observer. On completion of an operational mission they may then apply to the Air Force Chief of Staff for the Astronaut qualification that permits them to wear the Astronaut Badge.

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