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M-22 ARD Killflash für Fujinon Ferngläser


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US Military / US Army

Anti-Reflection Device (see not seen) Reflektionsschutz für Optiken


für M22, 7x50 Fujinon Military Ferngläser

NSN 6650-01-456-9093

Hergestellt bei Tenebraex Corporation

Made in USA 

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66,39 €

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Tenebraex ANTI-REFLECTION DEVICES, FLIP COVERS, WEAPON SIGHT POLARIZERS KillFlash® anti-reflection devices offer "anti-glint" capability as well protection for the glass on your optic from sand, dirt and grime! Installed with flip covers you can extend the life of your investment for many years to come. Our professional products cover a wide range of applications. From field binoculars, spotting scopes, red-dots, long range professional telescopes, and combat optics right down to your trusted hunting scope.

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