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Training Aid, Personal Decontamination Kit M58A1


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US Militär

Decontamination Kit M-58A1

NSN 6910-01-101-1768

Made in USA

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16,80 €

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Gewicht100 g

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Decontamination Equipment When skin becomes contaminated, decontaminate it immediately, that is, neutralize or remove contamination from all exposed skin. Do this by using the M258A1 skin decon kit (Figure 1-11) or M291 skin decon kit (Figure 1-12), which are issued to each soldier. If a soldier is incapacitated, a buddy must perform the decon, using the kit issued to the victim. p>M258A1 Skin Decontamination Kit The M258A1 skin decon kit is designed for chemical decon. It comes in a hard plastic case containing three sets of foil-packaged decontaminating wipes. These wipes contain solutions that neutralize most nerve and blister agents. Attach the kit to the protective mask carrier or LCE. Protect it from temperatures above 110F(43°C) and below 32F (0°C). Cold weather operations in Appendix B gives further details. The substance in the packets leave a residue on the mask that when checked with M8 paper causes a color change similar to GB. The Soldiers Manual of Common Tasks provides step-by-step procedures on the use of the kit. For details on the maintenance and care of the kit, See TM 3-4240-216-10.

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