US Army MP, Military Police ausziehbarer Schlagstock

MP Baton-0002


US Army Military Police 

MP Schagstock / Monadnock Expandable Straight/Riot Baton 36", Polycarbonate, Aluminum w/ Knurled Grip 

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Made in USA

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Technische Daten

MaterialAluminium / Polycarbonate

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Monadnock Expandable Straight/Riot Baton 36", Polycarbonate, Aluminum w/ Knurled Grip

Monadnock's Straight Collapsible Batons are known as the most compact, yet extremely effective non-lethal option for officers today. (You know them as expandable, collapsible, friction lock and positive lock batons.)

-24", expands to 36" length

-Aluminum positive-lock collapsible batons

-Polycarbonate shaft

-Knurled grip

-Diameter: 1-¼"

-Weight: 24 oz.

Monadnock batons are made in the USA are guaranteed with a lifetime product warranty. Since 1958, Monadnock has produced high-quality solutions for police officer's needs such as expandable and extendable batons, PR-24 batons, restraints, and training products. Monadnock incorporates the highest quality polycarbonate, acetate, aluminum, and steel materials to provide police officers the robust batons they require to successfully carry out their responsibilities. Shop Monadnock batons and hindi baton caps at CHIEF.

A baton or truncheon (also called a cosh, billystick, billy club, nightstick, sap, blackjack, stick) is a club of less than arm's length made of wood, rubber, plastic or metal. They are carried for forced compliance and self-defense by law-enforcement officers, correctional staff, security-industry employees and (less often) military personnel. Other uses for truncheons and batons include crowd control or the dispersal of belligerent or non-compliant people. A truncheon or baton may be used to strike, jab, block, bludgeon and aid in the application of armlocks. The usual striking or bludgeoning action is not produced by a simple and direct hit, as with an ordinary blunt object, but rather by bringing the arm down sharply while allowing the truncheon to pivot nearly freely forward and downward, so moving its tip much faster than its handle – effectively a slingshot action, only without releasing. Sometimes, they also are employed as weapons by criminals and other law-breakers because of their easy concealment. As a consequence, they are illegal for non-authorized civilian use in many jurisdictions around the world. They have a common role to play, too, in the rescuing of trapped individuals—for instance, people caught in blazing cars or buildings—by smashing windows or even doors.

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