M7 Stimmen Verstärker Protective Chemical Mask M40


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US Military

M40 Voice Amplifier

NSN 5996-01-381-9012

Sprachverstärker wird auf der Vorderseite der M40 Maske in die Stimmektronenhalterung geschraubt. Bietet eine Sprachverstärkung ohne die Notwendigkeit einer Push-to-talk-Taste

Made in USA

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A voice transmission system for a protective respirator, having a face mask with an inhalation port and a filter attached to the inhalation port, is provided. The voice transmission system comprises a microphone assembly adapted to be located between the inhalation port and the air filter, the microphone assembly including a spacer for separating the filter from the inhalation port and a microphone extending therefrom and into an interior space of the face mask, and a combined amplifier/loudspeaker assembly remotely connected to the microphone. The spacer of the microphone assembly provides an airtight seal between the filter and the face mask and includes a one-way inhalation valve. The spacer is provided with an outer surface configuration which matches the face mask on one side and the filter on another so that the microphone assembly may be attached intermediate the face mask and the filter without using any additional fasteners.

The M40 program was then initiated to modernize the Army mask as quickly as possible. The M40 program was to combine the best elements of the mechanically attached rigid lenses of the M17 and the silicone face blank and replaceable filter canister of the XM30 program into a new mask for the military. In 1984, Scott Aviation, ILC Dover, and Avon submitted masks for testing. The Scott Aviation version won the competition, and the mask was adopted in 1987. The M40A1 (1992) had user-requested mask improvements, including a better nose cup and quick-doff hood. This mask did not solve all communications problems, so the M7 voicemitter amplifier was adopted. The M7 amplifier was a screw-in design that mounted on the front voicemitter. Because of the number of laser systems on the battlefield, the M1 laser ballistic outsert was developed to protect soldiers’ eyes while wearing the mask. The M40 was produced in small, medium, and large sizes.

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