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WWII Tankers Overalls (Trousers) Winter



US Army

WWII Tankers Overalls Winter, First Type, Wool Lined Twill

NO 55-T-600, NO 55-T-680 

Size: Medium

Made in USA

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151,18 €

Technische Daten

MaterialCotton, Wool Liner

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Tankers Overalls Tank crews had specially designed trousers, helmets and other clothing to facilitate their work in cramped quarters that were always too hot or too cold.

"Trousers, Combat, Winter" is the correct nomenclature for the "Tanker Overalls". This is the companion to the "Tanker Jacket" or "Jacket, Combat, Winter". The trousers were made of the same 8.2 oz cotton shell and wool blanket lining as the jacket, cut in the style of bib-overalls as you can see in the top photo on the page. The first pattern had suspenders stitched to the overalls on both front and back. The second pattern had attachment hardware in front, suspender adjustment clips, plus a groin zipper for relief. There are short zippers at the bottom of each leg to facilitate putting on or removing the trousers with the boots on, along with a two position snap closure, as in the photo just above, right.

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