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WWII US Army Herring Bone Twill Camouflage Overall

WWII Overall-00001


US Military

WWII Camouflage Overall

WWII US Army Camouflage HBT Coverall Fatigue Uniform - Jungle Pattern. This reversible (Eiteilig wendebarer Overall) one piece coverall was designed for combat. It features 13 star metal buttons and large cargo pockets flaps which are held down by stout friction snaps.

Größe: 42R

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Made in USA

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429,00 € inkl. MwSt.

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Material100% Cotton

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The early attempts to make a camouflage uniform centered around coveralls. After field trials, these were found to be hot, uncomfortable and dangerous to the wearer in times of disposing of bodily waste during combat. These were rapidly relegated to a work uniform, although they appear to have seen limited combat use, in both Europe and the Pacific. A few photos also exist of them being worn by tank crews.

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