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Pro Tech Tactical Ballistic Face Shield

Face Shield-01-0001


US Military

Gesichtsschutz für Helm

Hergestellt aus Polycarbonat / Acrylic Laminate

Schuss sicher bis zum Kaliber 9mm

Zustand: leicht gebrauchter/ neuwertig

Hersteller: Protech Armored Products 

Made in USA

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Nicht mehr lieferbar

189,99 € inkl. MwSt.

Technische Daten


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The ProTech 702 family of ballistic face shields is designed to offer ballistic protection to meet various threats. The 702L is designed to defeat a single hit, the 702M is designed to defeat multiple hits and the 702MT is designed to defeat multiple hits and special threats. The curved design of the Ballistic Face Shield by Protech offers complete facial protection from the helmet brim to below the chin area. A unique band-fastening system permits quick attachment or detachment and eliminates drilling that could affect ballistic integrity. The Protech Ballistic Face Shields use NIJ 0108.01 testing using the 9mm FMJ 124 gr. Level II round only (702L) Ballistic Face Shields by Protech Features:

• Manufactured of polycarbonate/acrylic laminate

• Defeats single hit from 9mm FMJ 124 gr. With a velocity of 1200 fps

• Size: 6" x 15" (15.24cm x 38.10cm)

• Weight: 2.3 lbs. (1.04 kg)

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