US Military Cold Weather Flyers Gloves

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US Military

Cold Weather Flyers Gloves

Durable, comfortable and fleece-insulated gloves with enhanced tactility; designed for all-around tool and weapons handling in cold conditions.

GORE-TEX® waterproof insert // Tweave Durastretch® (FR version)

Color: Foliage Green

Hergestellt bei Masley Enerprises Inc. 


Made in USA

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37,73 €

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MaterialGoretex, Leather, Polyester, Nylon, Spandex

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Masley Enterprises, Inc. has introduced its Cold Weather Flyers Glove for 2014. The combat glove, which was recently approved for Army Aviation use, is ideal for cold weather, as it has a Gore-Tex® Glove Insert that is waterproof, windproof and breathable for warmth in cold wet conditions. To counter the ideal cold weather use of the glove, the Cold Weather Flyer is also fire-resistant for flash fire protection. The outer shell is made up of a NOMEX™ IIIA Simplex Knit with Antistat and Digital Water Repellent Goatskin. The inside lining is made up of both non-melt anti-microbial SmartSilver™ Fabric and a laminated to GORE-TEX® Glove Insert. The non-melt antimicrobial lining allows for high heat protection and no bacteria growth. Due to its makeup, the Cold Weather Flyers Glove is appropriate for use inside and outside of vehicles. The design allows for superior dexterity for firing accuracy. The Cold Weather Flyers Glove joins a long line of similar gloves from Masley. Its predecessor, the Air Crew-based Waterproof Flyers Glove, is also housed in a water-repellant goatskin leather outer shell that provides better durability than traditional Summer Flyers glove. The Flyers line of gloves is accompanied by the MP Rattler Glove, the Fuel Handlers Glove and the Intermediate Cold Wet Glove. The MP Rattler is good for professional use or outdoor recreation and is also waterproof and windproof. Masley’s Fuel Handlers Glove gets its name for the exact reason why it exists, with full barrier lining for resistance to POL’s (petroleums, oils and lubricants). The Intermediate Cold Wet Glove is U.S. Army approved and provides warmth in 0-40 degree weather.

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