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US Army Radio Test Set AN/PRM-34

Test Set-00001


US Army

AN/PRM-34 Test Set for US Military Radios VRC-12, PRC-77, PRC-25, PRC-68

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Made in USA

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MaterialAluminium with Electronic Compartments

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PRM-34 This is a more modern version of the TS-3354 for use with the PRC-68 family and other radios such as the PRC-25, PRC-77, AN//VRC-12 Military Radios The mode switch has the following positions: OFF CHK - PTT shows Built In Test results as 01.000 in display for all pass. SENS SQ - to test receiver squelch action FREQ - to measure the transmitter output frequency (or deviation from channel center) FWD PWR - to measure the transmitter output power in Watts ( 0.? to 50 Watt range) REV PWR - to measure the reverse power, or VSWR of the antenna FLD STR - to check the output of a radio transmitter and is used to aligh the PRC-68 ANT coupler circuit PUSH TO TEST - activate the selected test mode It also has an antenna for field strength measurements so that it could also be used for a number of different radios including the PRC-68 There are BNC(f) connectors for ANT and RADIO. AN/PRM-34 Portable Tester for AN/PRC-68, 25, 77, 126 & AN//VRC-12 Military Radios This is a portable tester that checks for receiver sensitivity, frequency and transmitter RF power . It is supplied in a protective transit case and includes a copy of the operation/maintenance manual.

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