Radio Set AN/PRC-1077 Receiver Transmitter



US Radio Receiver Transmitter PRC-77, RT-841.

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NSN 5820-00-930-3725

Dated: 1973


Made in USA

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PRC1077 Tactical Manpack The PRC1077 is a tactical VHF/FM manpack transceiver used by commercial and military organizations around the world. A 5W radio operating over the full 30 – 88 MHz frequency range with 25 kHz resolution, the rugged, compact design can be configured with numerous accessories to create a variety of manpack, mobile, or base station systems. The PRC1077 meets MIL-STD-810 for shock and vibration, is immersible in water to 1m and provides long mission life due to low power consumption. Datron's PRC1077 is also available in a 50W mobile system suitable for vehicular use, and it can use its own mount or the existing MT-1029/OA3633 US Military mounting configuration.

Features 30 to 88 MHz, 25 kHz channel spacing Simplex/Semi-Duplex 10 programmable memory channels 500mW, 2W, 5W selectable output power Low battery drain (<60 mA in Rx) Encryption option Vehicular systems up to 50W

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