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US Armee Feldtelefon Kabel auf Rolle Vergrößern

Field Telephone Wire Roll


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US Militär

Feldtelefon Kabel auf Trommel 1000ft 

NSN 6145-01-259-9203

Made in USA

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50,34 €

Technische Daten

MaterialMetal with Isulated Wire

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The TA-312/PT (and the earlier, similar TA-43/PT) may be used in a point-to-point wire system or in any two-wire ring-down subscriber position of a telephone communications system. The Handset H-60 contains a push-to-talk switch which connects power for talking. The TA-312/PT has a built-in Receptacle Connector U-79/U for use with the headset and an associated EXT-INT switch. The TA-43/PT does not have these features.

TA-312 Field Telephone Technical Characteristics Range wet: Approximately 22.5 km (14 mi) on WD-1/TT (36 dB working limit) Range dry: Approximately 36.4 km (22 mi) on WD-1/TT (36 dB working limit) Common Battery Operation Voice transmission and signaling power supplied by switchboard Local Battery Operation Voice transmission power supplied by two BA-30s, signaling power supplied by a hand-crank generator Common-Battery Signaling Operation Signaling power supplied by switchboard, voice transmission provided by two BA-30s Signaling (Outgoing) Hand generated, 90 to 100 V AC, 20 Hz Signaling (Incoming) Audible tone, adjustable volume TA-312 Field Telephone Accessories TA-312/PT dataplate The TA-312 is supplied with a canvas case that closes with a brass zipper and has a shoulder strap for carrying or hanging the phone. The TA-955 dual tone multifrequency (DTMF) adapter allows push button operational interface with automatic analog switches. The TA-955 Touch Tone pad can be connected to the TA-312 with an integrated coupler and attachment point. The TA-312 also utilizes the G-42 crank generator and BZ3 clacker call signaler. It requires two BA-30 D-cell batteries. Additional information regarding the TA-43/PT and the TA-312/PT field telephones: TA-43/PT TA-312/PT Nomenclature Telephone Set TA-43/PT Telephone Set TA-312/PT NSN 5805-00-503-2775 5805-00-543-0012 Manuals TM 11-5805-256-13 TM 11-5805-201-12 -20P -34P and -34 Manufacturer Western Electric Various

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