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Ausgießer für US Militär Benzin Kanister

Jerry Can-01-0002


US Army

flexibler Metal Ausgießer (Nozzle, Spout) für US Militär Benzin Kanister

NSN 7240-00-177-6154

Hersteller: Misco INC.

Made in USA

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Military Jerry Can

The Jerry Can is treated as a single item of supply but it has multiple components and accessories. In order to carry and use the gasoline or water cans, your vehicle will have to be properly equipped with all the parts and related items such as the mounting bracket and strap, pouring spouts, replacement gaskets and more.

The Jerry Can itself had several components including the can body, the four-prong screw-in lid attached by a chain and cotter pin, and a rubber gasket that made the seal between the lid and the can. Each of these parts was available as a separate supply item so lost or damaged parts could be replaced. During World War II, Rieke Metal Products Corp. made the military gas can closures and Auburn Rubber Company made the gaskets. Other items were considered accessories as explained further in the following paragraphs of this page. The jerry can vehicle mounting bracket and other mounting methods are described on the linked page. Flexible Pouring Spout Military Gas Can or Jerry Can For the US type Jerry Cans, with the large mouth, a flexible spout was supplied (a.k.a. the Donky Dong). The spout had a screw-on cap with a strainer over the end (in addition to the strainer found in the filler tube of military vehicles). The spout was stamped US on the inside of the lever. The manufacturer (such as USMC) and date might also be stamped there. The spout diameter is about one inch, made to match the wide-mouth filler tubes of military vehicles, and badly mismatched to any American civilian filler for unleaded gas. The spout did not screw onto the threads of the can opening. As can be seen in the top photo above, there was a ring of rubber and a lever that expanded the ring when the lever was pulled away from the body of the spout. The spout was pushed into the opening, the lever pulled down, and the ring went tight against the opening to create a fast seal. Users complained that the seal was often leaky, but the design was not changed.

5 Gallon Fuel Can Jerry Can Gasoline Stove Adaptor Jerry Can as External Fuel Supply Jerry Can as External Fuel Supply From TM 5-6115-625-14&P Power Unit 15kw Generator. The 5 gallon Jerry Can was often used as an auxiliary fuel supply for generators or anything with a gasoline engine. In additon, various models of military stoves, immersion heaters for hot water, and tent heaters used the Jerry Can for fuel. Rather than transferring fuel from the common Jerry Can, special lids were developed that screwed right onto the Jerry Can and provided a fuel line connection. The photo (left) is an adaptor for a field kitchen. To the right is a Jerry Can being used to supply fuel to a 15kw generator. The fuel cap with the tent stove adapter had a rubber hose attached to supply the stove. The hose had a metal holder that forced the hose into a pigtail to keep the flame from travelling up the hose into the fuel. Accessories for Plastic Jerry Cans The steel Jerry Can has been replaced in the military by plastic 5 gallon fuel and water cans that serve the same function. Therefore, it is not surprising to find that there are analogous accessories being supplied to serve the functions that the metal accessories did for steel cans. There are plastic spouts, lids, and straps in colors that match the Sand or Field Drab containers. One more item is the Cradle, shown in the panel below, used for an external fuel supply, to drain cans for cleaning or as a way to transfer its contents. Improvised cradles have always been used, but this one is a stock item of supply.

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