Light, Instrument M42 for mortars and towed howitzers


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US Militär

Light, Instrument M42

Für Mörser und Howitzer Artillery, mortars and towed howitzers, light dimmers and attachable privacy.

NSN 6695-00-769-0603

Material: Messing

Farbe: OD Grün


Made in USA

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33,61 €

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Specialized Illumination & Military Light Instruments General Reliance offers miltary light instruments for m-51, m-50, m-42, m-36 m-19, mortars and towed howitzers for reading azimuth and elevation indicators. Our lumination solutions are also used on the m2a2 aiming circle.

-M19 Mortar Light Instrument / Sight Illuminator

-Military Light Instrument M36

-Military Light Instrument M42

-Military Light Instrument M50

-Military Light Instrument M51

-M2A2 aiming circle

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