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Brake Fluid, Silicon DOT5, US Militär Bremsflüssigkeit Vergrößern

Brake Fluid, Silicon DOT5, US Militär Bremsflüssigkeit

Brake Fluid-0001

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US Army

Bremsflüssigkeit Silikon Basiert

Silicon Brake Fluid 1 Gallone (3,785 Liter) Mil-B-46176A


Hergestellt bei San Juan INT'L INC.

Made in USA

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100,76 €

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MaterialBrake Fluid All Weather

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MIL-B-46176A, MILITARY SPECIFICATION: BRAKE FLUID, SILICONE, AUTOMOTIVE, ALL WEATHER, OPERATIONAL AND PRESERVATIVE (29-APR-1986) [S/S BY MIL-PRF-46176B]., This specification covers silicone-based hydraulic brake fluid for use in hydraulic brake systems at ambient temperatures ranging from +55 degree C to -55 Degrees C. The fluid is identified by military symbol BFS and NATO code No. H-547.

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