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21th Infantry Regiment Crest, german Made


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US Army 

Crest 21th Infantry Regiment

old German Made by (Kalka Augsburg)


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MaterialCrest, Decal, Lable Pin, Metal

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The 3rd Battalion of the regiment was activated on 10 September 1965 at Fort Devens. It was subordinated to the 196th Light Infantry Brigade. On 26 August 1966, it was sent to Vietnam. The brigade was attached to the 25th Infantry Division and was based at Tây Ninh. 3rd Battalion fought in Operation Attleboro between September and November 1966. In January 1967, the battalion participated in Operation Cedar Falls. Between February and April, it participated in Operation Junction City. The 196th was then transferred to Chu Lai. On 14 May 1969, medic Daniel J. Shea posthumously earned the Medal of Honor for rescuing wounded soldiers while mortally wounded.[13] On 15 July, it was attached to the 23rd Infantry Division until that division's withdrawal from Vietnam in November 1971. The battalion was withdrawn on 23 August 1972 and inactivated in Oakland on the same day.[2] B Company/4th Battalion squad leader Specialist 4 Richard Champion shouting instructions to his squad after taking sniper fire on a patrol southeast of Chu Lai The regiment's 4th and 5th Battalions were activated at Schofield Barracks on 6 December 1965 to serve with the 25th Infantry Division. However, both battalions were inactivated on 3 January 1966 because the division's deployment schedule would not have allowed the battalions to be prepared for combat. On 1 November 1967, the 4th Battalion was reactivated at Schofield Barracks to become the fourth battalion of the 11th Light Infantry Brigade, which was already serving in Vietnam. 4th Battalion deployed to Vietnam on 14 April 1968 and was based in Đức Phổ District. The battalion also operated west of Tam Kỳ and at Đông Hà. It was attached to the 23rd Infantry Division between 15 February 1969 and the battalion's withdrawal on 28 June 1971. On 26 August 1968, Staff Sergeant Nick Bacon of B Company took command after two platoon leaders were wounded. He led the two platoons against the Viet Cong, destroying a bunker and machine gun nest as well as personally killing four VC. Bacon then climbed onto a tank deck and gave fire support. For his actions, Bacon was awarded the Medal of Honor. On 28 June 1971, the 4th Battalion was withdrawn from Vietnam and inactivated on the same day at Fort Lewis.[2] Post-Vietnam service[edit] On 5 June 1972, the 1st Battalion was reactivated and assigned to the 25th Infantry Division at Schofield Barracks. 2nd Battalion reactivated on 21 June 1975 and was sent to the 24th Infantry Division at Fort Stewart, but was inactivated on 15 December 1987. 3rd Battalion reactivated at Schofield Barracks with the 25th Division and inactivated on 15 July 1995. It reactivated with the 25th Division's 1st Brigade at Fort Lewis on 16 March 2002. 4th Battalion reactivated on 16 January 1986 with the 7th Infantry Division at Fort Ord. It was inactivated on 15 September 1993. 5th Battalion was reactivated on 16 May 1985 also at Fort Ord with the 7th and participated in Operation Just Cause from 1989 to 1990. It was inactivated on 15 September 1993.[2]

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