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US Army AIRBORNE SCHOOL cut edge Abzeichen


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US Army 


Insignia Cut Edge Patch in Color

1970's old German Made 


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Technische Daten

Höhe90mm (3,54 Inch)
Breite70mm (2,76 Inch)
MaterialFull Machine Embroidered

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The modern Army is more reliant upon speed today than at any other time in its history. For this reason, the Army of today must be a highly mobile force that is second to none, for in war, a nation finishes first or not at all. The 8th Inf Div is unique in that it is composed of both airborne and non-airborne elements. Therefore, the Division must, at all times, be fully prepared for parachute and air transport operations. The 8th Inf Div's Airborne School, commanded by Maj Adolph E. Warnecke, was organized with the purpose of giving initial instruction to both elements within the Division, which includes keeping these units up to date on current changes. In anticipation of the arrival of the 504th and 505th Abn Infs, the Airborne School was assigned to the 8th Division in the later part of 1958. At that time the cadre consisted of personnel who originally taught at the now deactivated 11th Abn Div Jump School. As the instructors from the 11th Abn began rotating, they were replaced by personnel from the 504th and 505th, many of whom had taught at the 82d, 101st, or Fort Benning Jump Schools. With this blending of experience, the 8th Inf Div Airborne School has one of the finest staffs of airborne instructors in the world. The majority of the 1400 students who have been graduated from the school since its inception have attended only one of the seven courses taught at the school. Before he is permitted to jump, a soldier goes through a rigorous two-week period of pre-jump training in which he must meet the standards required of an airborne soldier. The training a student receives during this period is drilled into him so rigorously that the essential elements of parachuting are ineffaceably impressed upon him. But, in many cases, there is usually a period in which an airborne soldier serves, either in isolated duty, or in a non-airborne outfit. The purpose of refresher training is to re-familiarize the individual with basic precepts of parachuting, and to introduce him to the newest inovations in the ever changing forms of modern airborne techniques. Every plane load of airborne troops is controlled by one individual who is designated as the jumpmaster. Because of the various types of aircraft used and the many forms of equipment dropped with personnel, the responsibilities of the jumpmaster are many and encompass a wide range of topics. All the knowledge required to jumpmaster an aircraft is taught at the Airborne School with graduate work given in jumpmaster refresher courses to keep qualified men up to date with current changes. There are two courses taught at the Airborne School dealing with the different types of aircraft used by the 8th Inf Div, including both Army and Air Force aircraft. The purpose of these courses is to impart sufficient knowledge to key officers and NCOs in all units of the Division so that each unit is independently capable of moving its personnel and equipment by either Army or Air Force aircraft. The terminal guidance course taught at the Airborne School corresponds to the duties of the Pathfinder in parachute operations. As the Air Force Pathfinder sets up a drop zone for a parachute jump, the Army Pathfinder establishes a landing zone for airmobile operations. Aerial Delivery of supplies is another course taught at the school. There are many inaccessible areas in which the only possible source of re-supply would be from the air, by parachute. Supplies ranging from plasma to D-4 bulldozers are now available much faster than ever before. Rigging these supplies for heavy drop and familiarization with Air Force aircraft are a few of the important factors making up this course. At all times there is a constant awareness that each course of instruction will readily attest to its effectiveness for, after completion of each course, students are asked to evaluate the instruction and offer recommendations for improvement. The ability to air move a unit is gained only through the personal efforts of each individual and the Division's ability to perform well in this respect rests primarily on the shoulders of the cadre at the Airborne School. In all their instruction, the cadre keep one fact in mind:"Future combat operation will be won by the most highly trained forces."

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