Patch VII Corps NCO Academy PLDC Augsburg old German Made


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Patch, Pocketpatch, Aufnäher

VII Corps NCO Academy PLDC

München, Augsburg

(old german made)

Made by Kalka Augsburg


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15,04 €

Technische Daten

Höhe85mm (3.35 Inch)
Breite60mm (2.36 Inch)
MaterialPatch embroidered

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Noncommissioned Officer Academy The 7th Army NCO Academy mission is to train and develop future leaders who are adaptive, disciplined and ready to lead effectively at the squad and team levels. We inspire Soldiers to be creative problem-solvers, physically fit, resilient and grounded in Army Values and the Warrior Ethos. We foster a positive environment that emphasizes life-long learning, adaptation, collaboration and critical thinking.

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